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5 Tips on how to conceal strong thighs

strong thighs

Many women know this: belly, butt, thighs – a bit too much of everything. Most of you also know that the so-called problem areas do not disappear by themselves. We at AROLLO are also the right partner for women with curves when it comes to Overknee or Thigh High Boots.

Here we the best ways you can conceal strong thighs:

Tip # 1:
Dark colors are better than bright ones. Generally known is that black makes slim. This is also true in combination with Overknee and Thigh High boots. With matte, genuine leather one achieves the better result as with bright colors and shiny materials, like for example latex.

Tip # 2:
Give up patterns or applications that decorate the circumference of the boot shaft. Any type of pattern, except longitudinal stripes, make your legs and strong thighs appear even thicker. Here is: less is more. Simple design without much trumpery brings the desired results.

Tip # 3:
The slimming products excellence are the top current Boyfriend Jeans or the Paperbags Pants. The reason for this is simply that the proportions seem much more harmonious and the difference between lower leg and thigh is no longer so great. Nice Low Heel Overknee Boots are a good match. The low heel (max 9cm high) stretches the leg and makes it look even longer and slimmer.

Tip # 4:
The main focus should be placed on the narrowest part of your body – your waist. With Thigh High Boots you visually shift your hips upwards. You can reinforce the effect with a wide belt for the waist. Thigh high boots reach far above the middle of the thigh and visually extend your legs. If that’s not enough you decide on boots that go all the way to the crotch – they are called Crotch Boots.

Tip # 5:
Use fabric forming laundry. Leggings from the various suppliers, which ensure a well-formed rump and a flat stomach, are particularly suitable here. Also calves and thighs are brought into shape.

Of course, for those who find our standard sizes too tight, we offer custom tailoring for almost all our models.

The Lady at the title pictures shows how High Heel Overknee Boots can make your legs look longer and slimmer:

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