AROLLO Boots Models – United Kingdom Fab 3

United Kingdom Fab 3

For years we have worked together with numerous models from the United Kingdom. Despite the threat of Brexit chaos, we are very optimistic that the United Kingdom, after Germany, will remain one of our strongest sales markets. The many requests and applications from Fetish Models from the UK show that this is the case.
We have the three most successful Ladies, what Likes and Click – numbers concerns,  put together for you. The ranking is not related to it.

Zoe Noir
Zoe Noir joined us through our UK brand ambassador TopFemdom. For the photo shooting, followed by a video shoot, Zoe Noir decided on our classic Overknee Boots Victoria. She created high quality images in an urban environment. Already the first posted photos achieved above-average high click rates. The video posted on our YouTube channel has been in the top 10 AROLLO videos for weeks – and the trend is rising.

Goddess Serena
Already in 2017, Goddess Serena has applied with us as a model. Their informative documents, especially the enclosed pictures, quickly convinced us of a cooperation. Goddess Serena met the style of AROLLO to 100% . She combined the Overknee Boots ANNA3 Special Edition with a simple jean and a closed top, as well as a leather jacket. Sunglasses and leather gloves completed the outfit. Due to her great charisma, Goddess Serena made it onto the cover of this year’s AROLLO Boots Calendar 2019.

Jodie Ellen
Joins us with Jodie Ellen, a partnership that has been successful for many years. Actually, Jodie Ellen is one of the main models of Phil Kehoe of PKK Photography in the UK. Phil and Jodie have already done countless shootings in various models of AROLLO Boots. Every single shoot is unique and in its totality something special. Jodie and Phil understand it very well to show both sides of AROLLO. So the viewer knows exactly that our boots are made for everyday life as well as for the professional trade. We are looking forward to further photo sessions.

United Kingdom FAB 3



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