AROLLO Chap Boots 2021

Chap Boots

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AROLLO Chap Boots has been introduced to you last autumn. AROLLO´s first Chap Boots ever. Those boots convince with high quality leather and craftsmanship. The design is simple and together with the 12cm High Heel, the boots are looking very erotic. So, this combination of simple design and erotic High Heels makes them to an Allrounder. No matter you are looking for Thigh High Boots to wear in public or some to wear for the special moments. With AROLLO Chap Boots you do have both possibilities.

The history of Chap Boots:

Chaps come from the Zahones known in Spain.  Originally, Zahones were cover pants made of leather worn by hunters and Vaqueros in Spain to protect theirs trousers,and legs, while horse riding. Later they were adopted by the cowboys in the wild west. The first form of  Zahones has been only two pieces of leather, fixed on the saddle. They covered the chest of the horse and the legs of the rider. The whole design was rather clumsy and went through several modifications. The final result turned out into Zahones who only covered the legs of the rider. But they still had to be worn over the trousers and not instead of. Much later, Zahones found their way into the fashion industry. Today, Zahones are much better known as Chap Boots, and are indispensable in the fashion world of Thigh High Boots.

Today, many confident women wearing this kind of boots. Some for profession, some as eye catcher in their daily wardrobe. And that´s the bonus about those kind of boots. They are combination to any occasion. We are lucky to be able to show you both sides. @styleprofessor, Olga Egorova, AROLLO Boots brand ambassador shows how to wear them in public. Lady Elektra gives an idea how they can look like when a profession Dominatrix is using Chap Boots. You can see these boots are a really allrounder.

All information about the AROLLO Photo Challenge you will find here.




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