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Auktionen und Bewertungen von arollo-stiefel


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AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve and Beth

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve and Beth

It was last summer when we introduced the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve and Beth to you. Meanwhile, those two styles are from our collection indispensable.

The Low Heel Thigh High Boots Beth coming with an 5cm Block Heel and a non-slip rubber sole. We designed a even more wider shaft for this style, to provide boots also for stronger calves and ankles. The high quality genuine leather is already usual for AROLLO Boots. The shaft inside is also made of high quality leather and provides the feature that the shaft won´t slip down. The zipper reaches up to the knee to provide a easy in an out. This boots are also made for men, they are available up to size 44.  If you are looking for boots which are a all rounder you found them. With the Beth style from AROLLO you receive boots for any occasion. They look fantastic for a dinner in a fine restaurant, and they look absolutely hot for the certain hours for two.

Now we come to the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve. We never thought to create such an successful style when we sat on the drawing table. But sales numbers always tell the truth. Eve dose have an extravagant boots shaft, and that´s the secret about the success. The raised boots shaft makes this style to an obsoletely eye catcher. Those Boots are elegant, sexy and if you want hot as fire. The raised boots shaft and the not too high 10,5cm heel making you legs looking longer and longer. Sizes are available from EU 37 up to EU 44. You want to be the middle-point of your event? With the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve, you are!!!

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Beth

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve:


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