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Boots for Men by AROLLO

boots for men

Boots for men are very hard to find. But at AROLLO men will find a fine selection of Thigh High Boots.

It was actually the case that men first wore Thigh High Boots. Back in the Middle Ages, men wore Thigh High Boots with flat Heels to protect their legs when horse riding. Today it’s either a fashion reason or a way of living out your fetish. 

AROLLO is lucky to say that many men all over the world are satisfied owners of our high quality leather boots. We offer for every taste something. Men can choose from Low Heel Boots, like the Victoria and Beth style or High Heel Boots like Princess ore ANNA2 and some others. The most of our Thigh High Boots are available up to size EU 44. Size EU 45 and EU 46 we offer for the AROLLO Long Overknee Lady Olga. Especially those boots are highly welcome to the men´s fashion. The Low Heel Boots are just right to wear them in public, without creating too much attention. We received a lot of reviews by men who ordered those boots, and they all are pleased about the craftsmanship and the comfort of wearing them. Of course also Cross-dressers will find the right boots at AROLLO.

We offer not just high quality boots, we deliver a philosophy of life. With Thigh High Boots from AROLLO men not only get high quality boots but also added value. Because AROLLO boots convey taste, elegance and self-confidence. All characteristics that make the difference in our hectic, often superficial world. So stand out from mediocrity and get your pair of AROLLO Boots and dive into a new world of fashion and Lifestyle. 

We are looking forward to offer more of our styles in bigger sizes this year.

Here some examples for AROLLO Thigh High Boots for men:

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