ANNA 2 Edición Especial

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incl. IVA



  • Largo sobre la rodilla, entrepierna
  • Punta normal
  • Suela con plataforma dentada, negro
  • Longitud del eje: aprox. 75,5cm
  • Tacón: 16.5 cm
  • Plataforma: 6 cm
  • Cuero genuino de alta calidad negro en el exterior
  • Cuero genuino de color beige dentro

Garantía de devolución del dinero:

  • 100% de garantía de devolución de dinero o intercambio gratuito

Envío y Entrega:

  • Tiempo de entrega: 1-4 días
  • Delivery conditions: covered transport insurance
  • Derecho de devolución: 14 días
  • Embalaje discreto: caja blanca neutra


La edición especial de ANNA2 viene con una suela perfilada especial en diseño alpino. Un detalle robusto en un bota sexy y larga sobre la rodilla. El cuero superior se convierte en una segunda piel y crea unas piernas increíblemente seductoras. Ajuste perfecto a lo largo de la pierna hacia la parte superior. ANNA2 EDICIÓN ESPECIAL está disponible exclusivamente en AROLLO a precio especial. ¡Entrega rápida!

EU 37: 54cm
EU 38: 54cm
EU 39: 54cm
EU 40: 55cm
EU 41: 55cm
EU 42: 55cm
EU 43: 56cm
EU 44: 57cm

EU 37: 38cm
EU 38: 38cm
EU 39: 39cm
EU 40: 41cm
EU 41: 41cm
EU 42: 41cm
EU 43: 41cm
EU 44: 42cm

EU 37: 27cm
EU 38: 27cm
EU 39: 27cm
EU 40: 27cm
EU 41: 28cm
EU 42: 28cm
EU 43: 28cm
EU 44: 30cm

EU 37: 75,5cm
EU 38: 75,5cm
EU 39: 75,5cm
EU 40: 75,5cm
EU 41: 75,5cm
EU 42: 75,5cm
EU 43: 75,5cm
EU 44: 75,5cm

EU 37: 92cm
EU 38: 92cm
EU 39: 92cm
EU 40: 92cm
EU 41: 92cm
EU 42: 92cm
EU 43: 92cm
EU 44: 92cm


3 valoraciones en ANNA 2 Edición Especial

  1. Melanie L

    Dear Mr. Mariani,

    Initially purchased the normal Anna 2 SE. Due to the slightly slimmer shape of my legs the customisation was necessary.
    Not a problem for Arollo. Shipping is also fast. A little bit thight now, but it will be okay over time by expanding of the leather.
    Like them so well, I am considering a second pair in the distant future for combining with jeans and others.
    A spare pair of heel tips would be nice, like all other models. Don’t know why the Special Edition is the only model does not have them.

    A suggestion: Perhaps an idea to ship the boots in an outer box? Wrap only causes heavy dents and crushed box.
    Especially when the boots make another return in case of customisation.

    Furthermore, Mr. Mariani delivers very good service and put great efforts.
    Thank you.


  2. Peter C.

    I am a big fan of Arollo boots. My wife owns a pair of long overknee Queen and I own a pair of Anna 2 Special Edition size 44. Why do I love Arollo Boots: The SHAPE of Arollo boots is so incredible – the shape they give to the foot and the leg is amazing. The boots also extend the leg and give the wearer a stunning figure and tight butt. The SMELL of the leather is wonderful. The FEEL of the boots is fantastic. Arollo boots are very sexy.

    Best regards
    Peter C.

  3. Melanie L

    My 1st pair Anna 2 SE was purchased in 2018 and for use with dresses and sometimes skirts and has a slightly shorter shaft.
    I liked them so well, I considered a 2nd pair for use with jeans etc.
    Even with jeans made by measure was needed due to my slimmer legs.
    The 2nd pair Anna 2 SE came in October 2019 and were again superb. I like them even more than my 1st pair, now with the original shaftlength, thus even higher. Very comfortable in these stormy weather and it gives a powerful look and feeling.

    Mr. Mariani and staff did a great job again.
    Thank you very much and sincerely,

    Melanie L

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