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Auktionen und Bewertungen von arollo-stiefel

AROLLO Boots Models – Germany´s Fab 3

As you know with certainty as AROLLO fans, we work together with numerous international boots models from the fashion and fetish scene. A big role is played by our neighbor country Germany. For AROLLO, Germany is one of the main markets and so we are more then pleased, that we receive requests and applications from German Fetish Ladies again and again.

Lady Vanessa
As AROLLO model of the first hour, we have been working very successfully with Lady Vanessa for several years. Not only does Lady Vanessa own many of our boots, she has also designed two models from our latest collection exclusively for us. Of course we gave these two creations her name. It is a special honor to work with such a professional.

Lady Elektra
In mid-December last year, we welcomed Lady Elektra to the AROLLO Boots family. It was a special pleasure for us to get to know Lady Elektra in a personal interview. She is, in everything she does, highly professional, highly educated and breathtaking.

Herrin Patricia
As the latest member of the AROLLO Boots family so far, we introduced you two months ago to Mistress Patricia. Like Lady Elektra, Mistress Patricia comes directly from the Domina scene to us. With Mistress Patricia connects us a certain commonality. Like us, she learned the most by herself. Without a teacher or mentor. At AROLLO we know that that´s the way something very special is the result.

Do you want to become a member of the AROLLO Boots family? Then send us your application with some meaningful images and / or your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account to arolloboots@gmail.com. We will go in touch with you.

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