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Platforms are renowned for their thick soles under the forefood, which allows the wearer to walk good and safe – even on 8 cm long heels! AROLLO platform boots have a sole strength of 6 cm.


In order to enhance stage presence, actors in ancient Greek amphitheatres were already wearing high plateau soles made from cork. Soon these kind of shoes were adopted to the female wardrobe. In Old Asia, incredibly high and clunky plateau soles made from wood were meant to prohibit women from moving around freely outside the house. In Europe, from the 15th century AD onward, plateau soles made of wood served as protection against mud. Unpaved streets in the urban centres then were usually covered with wet mud up to the ankles, so these soles shielded elegant shoes made of leather and velvet from the dirt.
Finally, the Chopine, the first cork plateau shoe came along.

Invented in Spain, the Chopine soon triumphed all across Europe. The first product placement in history can be attributed to playwright William Shakespeare who – in the beginning of the second act of Hamlet - has Young Hamlet note about one of the actors that by the „altitude of a chopine“ he was coming „nearer to heaven“.


Who won't remember bands like ABBA or KISS? Especially the latter, have staged huge shows in sold-out concert halls all around the world and are notorious for their super-high plateau boots.
Even if today plateau soles aren’t that high anymore as they used to be, a thickness of up to 6cm is quite common and still en vogue.


The heel is an essential design element of any of our AROLLO boots.

AROLLO mainly does over the knee and thigh high crotch boots with high heels, with a typical length of 9 to 16 cm. High heels present the wearer’s body most favourably, in particular, the legs seem longer and more slender.

Who hasn’t heard the phrase „legs up to the sky“ before? AROLLO boots give you plenty of opportunity to live up to this figure of speech.

Choose from different styles, e.g. stiletto, block or cone heel, after your heart!


All AROLLO boots are studded with premium, knee high zippers. This makes our over the knee boots sensationally easy to put on and off!


On the outside and on the inside, each AROLLO boot is made from genuine (nappa) leather of the finest quality grade.

High quality processing of our leather gives you a top-notch product of premium quality.

The benefits of over the knee boots made from genuine leather:
Compared to latex or polyvinyl, boots made from genuine leather bear quality signs clear to the eye. However, there lies another, quite decisive advantage in leather boots:
Damp warmth allows AROLLO genuine leather boots to grow in circumference up to 1.5 cm. Leather is a natural product. When heated up it displays a tedency to expand.

More information, please see under „Boot Facts – Shoe Care“.


To make your AROLLO boots last, impragnate them properly before wearing them for the very first time. Spray the boots with the impreganation agent, let them dry for six to eight hours and apply a thin layer of shoe cream.

Three steps for regular shoe care:

  1. Treat gently with a damp cloth or mild soap, for dirt and heavy stains use running warm water. Let air dry.
  2. Use suitable shoe cream and polish. For perfect shoe shine add one drop of coffee to your polish.
  3. When working with impragnation agents please carefully read and observe product instructions!

Allow your boots to rest there and then to make the absorbed moisture go away. For most effective air drying use stretchers and boot pegs.
If your boots are too tight, wrap them in a wrung out hot cloth. Put on your boots and wear them until the cloth has cooled down, oil your boots thereafter. Repeat procedure if need be.


Thigh High Boots made to measure!
You found your favourite over the knee boots in our online store but the measures of the boots would not fit you? Thats no problem!!!

We can organize all AROLLO Boots made to measure. No matter if you need a longer or shorter shaft, or if you need more circumferences or less, our shoemaker can produce costumn boots who fits perfectly to your legs!

extra costs: for made to measure   - only 180,00€
For example: You want to order the AROLLO Thigh High  Boots Stiletto Roma Size EU 38:  price boots 329,00 € + 180,00 for made to measure = total 509,00€
Easy and fast handling:
Choose your favorite boots on in our online store. Print the Dimensional Sketch and fill in your measurements. Send our arollo boots team an E-Mail: shop@overknee-stiefel.net with the style of the boots and the your shoe size.
Scan the Dimensional Sketch with your measurments and attache it to your EMail to us. Also note your exactly shipping address.
FAST handling:
Within 6 working days after payment, your boots will be ready to ship out to your shipping address.

via bank transfer or credit card or paypal!
Dimesional Sketch to print and fill out: 

Only certified shoemakers lay hands on your overknees:

The shank change is 100% handmade and executed in Innsbruck (Austria).

Your boots will only be customized by our certified shoemakers. Experience from many years, craftmanship and love for the profession guarantee a result of the highest quality.


For all further questions do not hesistate to contact us under our email adress: shop@overknee-stiefel.net
or call us per phone - See our full contact details below!



What to wear with AROLLO over the knee boots?

Less is more. This holds true for all our boots. As AROLLO over the knee boots are an eyecatcher themselves, they are best worn with sober outfits. Don’t show too much skin, which may look cheap and tawdry very quickly.
  For a while, over the knee boots were considered wicked. However, these times are gone now and over the knee boots are more and more becoming fashion items. Wear AROLLO over the knee boots with short not too tight-fitting skirts or dresses. Also, a pair of skinny jeans looks great with the boots and opens an array of combinations with shirts and blouses, etc. Opaque tights or unicolour leggings are a fantastic match, too!
As long as the rest of your outfit is discreet, you may as well try to combine your boots with a tight-fitting miniskirt. In this case also choose to put on a pair of tights.

Pay attention to your pick of boots as well, e.g. colour latex and polyvinyl boots are so cliché! That is why our AROLLO over the knee and thigh high crotch boots are made from first-class genuine leather in sublte, complementary colours. Worn with the right items, they quickly turn into acceptable everyday fashion items, far from any innuendo.

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