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AROLLO Thigh High Boots for Men

Men Boots

Thigh High Boots for men are not easily to find. Most of the boots are just not available in bigger sizes. AROLLO offers a small collection of Thigh High Boots in sizes EU 43 and 44. Since last summer one of our gorgeous boots are also available in size EU 45 and 46. This boots are the Thigh High Boots Lady Olga:

The Thigh High Boots Lady Olga comes with a only 3cm Low Heel. The blocked heel provides a save step and is the right choice for newcomers who are not experienced in High Heels. In combination with the non slip rubber sole, the boots guarantees a save step even on wet and slippery conditions. Made of high quality genuine leather, combined with a simple cut, this boots are made for any occasion. You will find all details and measurements, circumferences and so on, here. 

If the standard dimensions do not fit, then we offer for this style also a shaft adjustment according to your individual measurements. Just click on “Customize Boot?” and the program will take you through the easy ordering process. Within 14 working days your customer made boots are ready to send out to your address.

The Thigh High Boots Lady Olga are really Boots for Men. When developing those boots, we took care about a very comfortable foot bed. Because men are heavier than women it is so important to have a foot bed which can stand even higher weight.  That´s what makes those boots wearable for hours, without aching feet. So go ahead and save your pair of AROLLO´s Thigh High Boots for Men – Lady Olga.

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