New!! AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve


We proudly present to you the brand new AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve. It´s the 4th new style this season we bring to you. Two weeks ago we presented the first Stretch Boots Arollo ever produced. Last week we introduced you to the classic Thigh High Boots Beth.

Now it´s time for the last brand new style we created for this season. According to the motto “The best comes last” we are very curious how you like these boots.

The boots are particularly noticeable by their raised shaft. From every angle, these boots look different. They offer a wide range to combine with the rest of the outfit. From stylish and elegant to extreme sexy and erotic, everything is possible. Of course we made this boots in high quality genuine leather for the complete shaft. Inside beige leather, outside black leather. Completely in line with the current trend is the pointed toe. A 10,5cm High Heel matches perfectly with the beige sole. The zipper reaches short under the knee. Shoe sizes are available from EU 37 up to EU 44.

We also offer for this new style an one time introductory price. Until tomorrow, Friday September 6th 2020, 12:00 noon you can order those boots for € 399,00 instead of € 439,00

So be quick and secure your pair of these insane boots for an absolute special price.

Summary of all new AROLLO Thigh High Boots:

AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots Red – available in size EU 37 – EU 42

AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots Black – available in size EU 37 – EU 42

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Beth – available in size EU 37 – EU 44

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve – available in size EU 37 – EU 44

If you want to let us know what kind of boots you want for the fall of 2020, then just send your comments below this Blog. We will take a serious look to all suggestions.