The AROLLO YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

It was in 2011 when we created our own YouTube Channel. Already the years before that, we have filmed with our video camera single sequences, while doing a photo shooting for our boots.  However, we were at the beginning of our activities on a variety of social networks. It was only a logical step to be represented on YouTube. Under Michael Mariani MMP you will find today many videos from the past years. We had only a few clicks at the beginning with our first self-made videos, we were able to increase the click rate to a very considerable number in just a few months. With the time, the videos were shot more elaborately and professionally. Today we regularly publish a new video every month.

We now have thousands of subscribers. Our videos regularly exceed the 100,000 click rate. We see the promotion on our YouTube channel as a logical complement to all the other activities we are doing to make the AROLLO brand even better known.

The Top 3 Videos from our YouTube Channel:

3rd Place:

Is a video that was created at the very beginning of our activity on YouTube. This video introduces boots from our Julie Collection. With 197,000 clicks, this video still occupies 3rd place of the most watched videos on our YouTube Channel. Watch Video here……

2nd Place:

2nd place conquers a whole new video, which we set 4 months ago. Lady Elektra presents in the Video her favorite Thigh High Boots from AROLLO, while doing a profession photo shooting in those boots. Watch Video here……

1st Place:

Our video for the AROLLO Photo Challenge 2017 is still the undisputed number one. Aleksy from New Zealand has submitted this video to participate in our 2017 photo competition. With over 568,000 clicks, it is still by far the most watched video on our YouTube Channel. Watch Video here…….

You are all welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel. As subscriber you automatically receive a message as soon as we publish a new Video.