Year 2020 in review

year 2020 in review

Year 2020 in review. In January no one in Europe and America thought that the year 2020 will turn out to the most challenging year since 1945. A simple virus changed the way of life we have been used to. All those Lockdowns and new rules which came with the fight against the virus hit great parts of the economy hard. That´s why we from AROLLO are so thankful that we came through this world wide crisis well so far. Like every year at this time, it’s time to look back on the past 12 months and see what has happened at AROLLO throughout the year.

Already at the end of February, we did a second relaunch of our Online Shop. After just 18 months after redesigning our Online Shop, we sat down again and incorporated many improvements. Now we are ready to rock the new decade. At the beginning of September we added two new Thigh High Boots to our collection. On the one hand the Thigh High Boots Lizzy, AROLLO’s first model with full length zipper, on the other hand the first AROLLO Chap Boots. Also in September the yearly AROLLO Boots Calendar was published. It was the most erotic Calendar we ever done. And it was the most successful one in selling ever.

In November we converted Black Friday, which is very popular in Europe and the USA, into AROLLO White Friday. A new and great promotion in which we have offered a brand new boot model. In December we published a blog article entitled Danisbodystyle – News Update. Google in the UK ranked this post as very relevant and put it on the news feed. The result was tens of thousands of hits on the article and thus on our shop. It was the most successful blog article since AROLLO was founded.

Of course we worked the past 5 month on something new. You will see the result of it in January. I just want to reveal one thing: It’s something our customers and fans have been wanting for a long time. So stay true to 2021 – it will be a tough year, like 2020, but together we will make it a great year.


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