New look for AROLLO Overknee Princess and Roma

new look

New look for AROLLO´s Overknee Boots Princess and Roma. From time to time it is necessary to change the look of boots that have been in our collection for a long time. For both Overknee Boots we changed the color of the sole into the typical AROLLO beige.

The AROLLO Overknee Boots Stiletto Roma has been our very first design. All over the past years this boots ranged always in the top three of sales. And that is a matter of the timeless design. The pointed toe is still, or better again, en vogue. An extra slim metal Stiletto Heel matches much better with the new beige sole than it did before.  Of course we keep the high quality black leather and we did not changed the cut. It´s still a tight fitting Overknee Boot, that surrounds your feet like a second skin, and makes look your legs slimmer and longer. We are sure, to change the color of the sole will be a push for selling.

Same we did for the AROLLO Overknee Boots Princess. A few years after the Roma model, the princess was offered for the first time in our online shop. Since then, those boots made many, many women and men happy. Due to the extremely high heel and platform, these boots are recommended by many professionals from the fetish scene. Even servants of Dominatrixes buy these boots for their Mistress. They just want to see their Mistress in those sexy boots. Same, as for the Stiletto Roma style, we kept all features, like material and design.

With this new look, for both styles, we are ready to go into the hot period of the year. For both boots are all sizes from EU 37 to EU 42 in stock. If you like to take a closer look you can go to the styles directly here: Overknee Roma Overknee Princess