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Lady Elektra

Pretty accurate two years ago we introduced Lady Elektra as new member in the AROLLO Boots Family to you.  Since then we never stopped working together. And do you know why? Because Lady Elektra lives the AROLLO Spirit.

Sure you can remember our first collaboration with the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Princess. Pictures and after all the Video was more than successful. After the first session, we did an second one in the Proncess Overknee style. The session was under the title “The fascination of female dominance”. No one better can illustrate what this is all about.

By the end of 2019 we had out third collaboration with the hot AROLLO Thigh High Boots Anna2. Again very powerful pictures and video.

As we introduced to you our new AROLLO Chap Boots in this years September, we wanted someone to show what is all possible with this boots. Who else could be better for this job than Lady Elektra. She can be both: The elegant Lady next door, who is looking strictly after high quality wardrobe, and the hot Dominatrix you have ever dreamed of.

The pictures of the Chap Boots Session are showing exactly both sides. Wear them in combination with a half-length coat and the whole look instantly changes to highly elegant. Because these boots are covering almost the whole leg, they ensure warm legs during the cold month of winter. And the best about this combination: No one suspects that you are waring hot and sexy Chap boots. So you can keep this little secret for yourself. Of course you also can wear them over nice Jeans or other trousers. In combination with the half-length coat, it´s never a mistake.

On the other hand, these boots are predestined to make you feel sexy and dominant. There are so many ways to combine them for a sexy and dominant look that it would be beyond the scope of this article. Lady Elektra decided on two different outfits. One time as the gentle seductress, and one time as the dominant Dominatrix.

At this point, we want to thank Lady Elektra for showing how versatile these boots are. And you see, the new AROLLO Chap Boots are a an all-rounder, you can choose for any occasion.

AROLLO Chap Boots – The All-rounder:


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