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Shopvote - overknee-stiefel.net

Auktionen und Bewertungen von arollo-stiefel

All 4 new Thigh High Boots in summary


All 4 new Thigh High Boots in summary. In the past 3 weeks we introduced the new AROLLO Thigh High Boots to you. Here again a overview over all four styles.

AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots Red:


Hot like fire, and cool like ice. Those boots has been the first red colored boots for a long time, AROLLO offers. Already by now we can say: The boots hit the marked like a bomb. Above average where the sales in the past two weeks. We got very positive reviews, about the quality and fitting of the boots. People love the tight fit and the high quality of workmanship.

AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots Black:


Black is beautiful. This also applies to this boots. For this style we used a thinner Latex for the bootleg. That guaranties even better fit. The bootleg fits like a second skin and makes your legs last longer and slimmer. Also these boots exceeded our expectations about selling.

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Beth:


The new Thigh High Boots from the Low Heel Family. AROLLO created another everyday style. Simple and elegant but still sexy, that´s the way we can describe those boots best. 5cm blocked Heel meets high quality, non slip rubber sole. The right footwear for the upcoming winter season.

AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve:


The name of these boots already has a special meaning. It seems like these boots are coming straight from paradise.  The raised bootleg is the eye catcher of this creation, and makes these boots to something special. It looks like many customers have been waiting for such a model. One week on sale and it looks like we do have an upcoming best seller.

All together, we can say, the new collection is more than successful. We have to say thank you to our regular customers, who has been the first buyers of the new styles. AROLLO is looking forward to a hot and sexy Autumn and Winter, and we promise: New styles for 2020 are already in process.


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