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Domina M is the newest member of the Arollo Boots family

It is our special pleasure to introduce Domina M as the newest member of the Arollo Boots family.

For a long time, Domina M was based in New York, where she ran her own studio and her own fetish film production company. During this time, she have been booked by customers from all over the world. So she performed sessions in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, just to name a few. She is now living and working in Paris.

Domina M became aware of Arollo through her friend Mistress Paris owner often he Oubliette.co. As a professional quick-change artist, Overknee and Thigh High boots naturally play a major role for her. When she first contacted us, it was clear that we wanted to work with her. The world of the Dominas is important for Arollo and it is always a pleasure for us to be able to equip the ladies with our creations.

The Overknee Boots Anna3, which she has chosen for our first cooperation, are just made for her. The perfect fit is clearly visible on the pictures. The photo shoot was carried out under the motto «Puppy Play in Paris». Domina M walks through Paris with her two puppies, which she leads on a leash.

You can safely imagine that the shoot took several hours. It proved once again that our boots not only look super sexy, but also have a very high wearing comfort. This is of great importance, especially for this professional group. So many sessions go on for several hours, hurting feet are not really something you want to have.

We would like to thank Domina M for this first cooperation. We are looking forward to a sequel.

See pictures from the first shooting here:

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