Sailys del Mar – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Sailys del Mar

Sailys del Mar should actually have been accepted to the AROLLO Boots family months ago. But as with so many of us, her daily work has been severely restricted by the corona pandemic. Anyway, we are lucky that she was able to do at least one shooting in her AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen before the whole world went into a shutdown. And you know what? The pictures and especially the Video are sensationell. To be honest, it’s the sexiest video AROLLO has ever released.  Watch the Video on our YouTube Canal here.

Sailys del Mar, a Caribbean Lady living in Italy is working as professional photo model. She got in touch with AROLLO because she found out that our collection fits her style. After we received her candidature as a new member in the AROLLO Boots Family we just had to agree to that. Once she received the boots, the Corona situation in Italy went worse and worse. So it took a longer period of time before the first pictures showed up on social media. Situation now is getting better and better. Slowly we can return to normal. And so we are optimistic that we can show you more pictures of Sailys del Mar in near future.

The AROLLO Boots Family is growing and growing. Ladies from all over the world are already part of it. And there is no end to see. If you want to become a member, just send us your candidature to We are always looking for new Ladies, who will present and promote our high quality leather boots on social media. Every member of the family benefits for many additional services we provide.

Sailys del Mar in her amazing AROLLO leather Thigh High Boots Queen:


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