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Auktionen und Bewertungen von arollo-stiefel

Solstice 2019 – also AROLLO is celebrating


Solstice again, hard to believe it´s already this Weekend . On Friday the 21st of June 2019 the sun reaches above the northern tropic the absolute highest point in the year. What means: The half year 2019 has passed again.

In Tyrol, the solstice is traditionally celebrated with mountain fires. Many volunteers are already in the early afternoon in the mountains. The heavy backpacks are loaded with the necessary fuel for the mountain fires. In former times, used oil was often burned in large quantities. Today, torches are often used, which burn more environmentally friendly and, above all, almost entirely. The most beautiful, mostly religious symbols are conjured up in the mountain slopes.

In the Scandinavian countries the midsummer night is celebrated. Around the 23rd of June, for example, in Norway, the sun is seen for 24 hours. Of course, only in good weather. Especially in the northern countries, the solstice marks that day of the year when daylight decreases again. To the, for most too fast coming day, where the sun will not show for weeks at all.Since it is all too understandable that in Norway on the Midsummer Night is not to think of sleep. Many families light large fires along the fjords or on smaller islands to spend the night together.

In Norway, the Midsummer Festival is also called Saint Hans Fest. It is celebrated before the day of remembrance of John the Baptist.Another ancient custom is that unmarried, young girls decorate their heads with flowers, which they put under the pillow the day before. At night, they dream of the man they will marry.

A few years ago, our product Photographer for Norway, Frank Marstokk made some beautiful shots in the run-up to Midsummer’s Night. Of course our great Thigh High Boots Queen played a big role.

We wish you a nice solstice celebration in the circle of your dear ones.

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