Thigh High Boots with pointed toe

Pointed Toe

Thigh High Boots with pointed toe are full in trend again. This year Overknee and Thigh High Boots with pointed toe celebrating a revival. You’re probably right if you are wondering if these boots ever went out of fashion. They never has been. But in the last couple of years shoes and boots with round toe became more attention. Now it´s turning around again.

AROLLO offers some typical styles with pointed toe. First of all the Stiletto Roma series. In this series are Overknee, Thigh High and Knee High Boots available. All three styles are made of high quality genuine black leather. We also use genuine beige leather for the inside of the shaft. That is making wearing them to an specially experience, because there is no better feeling than genuine leather on naked skin. All three styles come with an 10,5cm high Stiletto High Heel. The toe is extra pointed and making look this boots like a weapon. But do not worry, no firearms license required.

Many international members of the AROLLO Boots family swearing on these boots. Chrissy Brilla, Comtesse Monique, Paris French or The Russian Fetish Queen, just to name a few. All those Ladies love the high comfort those boots provide by wearing them.

In addition to the Stiletto Roma series we offer two more styles with pointed toe: The AROLLO Thigh High Boots Lady Vanessa I and Lady Vanessa II. Both styles are from a unique design. As long time fan from AROLLO you know that those boots no one other than Lady Vanessa, Germany´s Nr. 1 Fetish Diva, herself designed those fashionable boots exclusively for us.  Using brass applications and rhinestones making these boots so unique.

So, go ahead and take a look at AROLLO´s pointed toe boots. We are sure there will be the right  model for you in stock.