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Auktionen und Bewertungen von arollo-stiefel

Winter is easier to survive with AROLLO Thigh High Boots

Winter has Central Europe firmly under control. It is already snowing throughout the Alps for days and the snow is piling up to the meter. The people have their hands full to master the white splendor.

To better withstand the wet and cold season, AROLLO delivers the hottest thigh high boots directly to your home. Especially the Long Thigh High Boots are a warm garment. The shaft reaches far up the thigh. The leather is windproof and also keep moisture away very well. The body heat alone reaches a temperature that can withstand very low temperatures.

Of course, we offer especially for the winter and with the associated slippery roads conditions, suitable boots. Especially the new Long Overknee Lady Olga are very popular for the winter due to their very flat heel. The non-slip rubber sole guarantees a safe step in slippery and icy conditions.

If you like it a bit more daring, and do not want to miss out on your High Heels in winter, then opt for the Long Overknee ANNA2 Special Edition. The shaft of this model reaches far into the crotch  and warms your legs optimally. The 16.5cm stiletto high heels are defused by a 6cm platform, allowing you to walk normally even with this heel height. But what makes this model absolutely winter-proof is the coarse rubber sole. It is not only a visual enhancement, but has the advantage that it is absolutely non-slip. The platform in combination with the non-slip, coarse rubber sole also allows the wearer of this model to take a safe step on slippery roads.

So, persevere, spring is bound to come and with the winter-ready Thigh High Boots by AROLLO, every winter can be overcome.


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